What types of organic fertilizers do you know about? There are all kinds of them out there, and you might be surprised to know that you can also buy organic fertilizers in stores and online. That in my opinion is a lot better of a choice than buying fertilizers that aren’t organic. While I would also suggest looking into natural fertilizers that you don’t have to buy but instead can make, a combination might be the best solution. In that case, it would certainly be best to check out many of the organic fertilizer reviews before making a purchasing decision.

What are some of the benefits of using organic fertilizers?

As we look at some of the benefits, we will also take a look at the disadvantages, too. Of course there are always pros and cons, so you might as well get the whole picture. Let’s start with the benefits when it comes to using organic fertilizers and used by professional lawn mowing company , whether you make them, buy them or both.

Organic fertilizers are known for helping to give soil the nutrients it needs. They are great for helping soil retain its important nutrients, too. That is certainly a pro, but wait, can’t other fertilizers do the same thing? What else is there about organic fertilizers that is supposed to make them better? Well, organic fertilizers are also known for their slow release.

Slow release may not sound like a pro, but it is if you know about other fertilizers. You don’t want to over fertilize your lawn, and so organic fertilizers make it hard to do that. That is a definite benefit. Also, they don’t allow toxic chemicals to build up in your soil, and I would say that’s a good thing, too, wouldn’t you? Organic and natural fertilizers are sounding better and better if you ask me.

You can count on organic fertilizers being good for the environment, too. That’s always good, and they are also said to be renewable and sustainable. Now, I said it was important to look at both sides of the equation.

What are the cons?

Organic or natural fertilizers are pretty much a seasonal thing. You see, they require heat. So does that mean that you need to use a different fertilizer during the fall or winter? Or could you get away without fertilizing at all during certain seasons?

organic fertilizers

Also, it needs to be mentioned by Lawn Renovation Companies that organic fertilizers are less precise in regards to the nutrients they provide. Therefore, it is like a guessing game in a way. You can always test your soil, but the other fertilizers that people use that aren’t natural are more precise. What is the takeaway?

Well if you ask me, I still prefer natural organic fertilizers. That’s just me, but I think they are the best way to go. I think it is important to be good to the environment, and I think you can handle fertilizing a landscape naturally. Hundreds of years ago, people didn’t have bags of chemical fertilizers, and their plants I’m sure looked better than ours. Contact us to know more!


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