Protecting your face is the most important thing that you need to prioritize if you are playing paint ball. Over the years, a lot of things have changed when it comes to the technology of paintball gear. We’ve seen a number of paintball mask designs that became popular over the years. One of which is the Dye paintball mask. Dye precision has been around for quite some time, they’ve come up with some of the best looking paintball mask designs in the market.

If you are somewhat new to playing paintball, here are some things you want to look for when buying Dye paintball masks.

Do you like to clean your lenses quickly?

If you are the type who likes to clean his or her lenses quickly, it is highly suggested that you stick to the newer Dye paintball masks. The newer versions allow the user to remove the lens easily. On the other hand, you have the older versions that take around 15 minutes just to get the lens out.

Do you care about weight?

Make sure that you compare the different paintball masks. This way, you will be able to get the mask that is within the appropriate weight for you. Keep in mind though that you should also look into the overall durability of the mask since lighter masks usually have compromised ability to absorb usual wear and tear.

Can you communicate with the mask?

One of the most important things about paintball is the ability to communicate with your fellow teammates. Without properly communicating with your teammates, you can expect to lose positions and commit tactical errors along the way.

Masks that allow communication can have the ability to give players the edge that they need in order to build their strategy and make the necessary adjustments.

Is it comfortable?

A lot of products out there are prioritizing protection to the point wherein they no longer consider the overall comfort of the user. For Dye Precision, things are a bit different. However, you still have to see which Dye paintball mask can actually protect your face without compromising your comfort. But of course, it should also guarantee zero slips especially when you are using the mask for long hours.


If you will look at the different Dye Precision paintball masks, you will notice that they do have a wide range of options when it comes to the price of their items. You will notice that a lot of products they sell are at least $175. And it is quite pricey for a reason. Their products are known by the niche as among the best in the business. Used by renowned paintball players around the word, you really don’t expect anything cheap from this company.

Does it allow you to attach a camera?

A lot of people today love to use GoPro and other action cameras when they are doing paintball. It has the ability of capturing great memories while you are playing with your friends. For the modern paintball masks, it is quite common to have designs that allow attachment of action cameras.


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