A lot of adults love to play paintball. Some would even invest hundreds of dollars on gears in order to enjoy the game even more. However, it isn’t allowed for kids to just join the adults in this fun game. With the velocity of the paintballs used in your typical paintball game, kids can easily feel it. The ouch factor can be too much for your kids.

Enter the new and exciting game of low impact paintball. Low impact paintballs are especially designed for kids and for them to enjoy the same things as to what adults would love. There are venues that are focused on allowing players to enjoy low impact paintballs. In fact, you can even have it in your child’s birthday party or simply have it for the weekend when you play with your kids. Here are some important things you need to know about low impact paintball.

Why do low impact paintballs and regular paintballs don’t mix?

It is a common question by many players why low impact and your regular paintballs don’t mix in a lot of venues. Primarily, the goal of low impact paintball is to get kids involved in this sport. By having regular paintballs, it can be dangerous to children.

The paintballs for low impact paintballs are smaller and are thrown at a slower velocity. This means that you don’t have any problem once it hits a child that is playing. It makes use of .50 caliber low impact paintball in contrast to the .68 standard paintball used by adults.

Why did low impact paintball became popular?

Parents who loved paintballs now have the chance to play with their kids. With a  special equipment that throws paintball at a slower velocity, kids do not have to be intimidated to play with adults in the game of paintball. It is also enjoyable because it keeps your children actively moving and cooperating with other kids. It teaches teamwork, leadership, and even provides an alternate bonding moment between parents and kids.

What are things that you should have?

If you intend on keeping your kids love low impact paintball, it is important that they are fully equipped with the right gear. These gears should be able to protect them from harm. Kids should also have the appropriate masks that can cover the face, and the paintball mas should have the necessary ventilation that also allows the player to communicate.

People love to play paintball. If you want your kids to enjoy the adult sized paintball war games eventually, it is a good idea that you introduce them with in this game. With slower velocity, smaller and lighter equipment, it has all the elements of paintball minus the usual sting and the bruises that you get from this type of game.

Unfortunately, the gear is also more fragile than what regular paintball uses. It can be a great fun activity that children can do in parties. There are companies that are offering low impact paintball for birthday parties. You can book companies that offer low impact paintball to parties and see your kids have fun. And if you think that this is only for children, you can even join your kids in the fun.


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