If you are playing paintballs on a regular basis, it is a good idea that you consider the gear that you purchase. One of the best purchases that you can make is a paintball air compressor. What exactly is a paintball compressor? Before we discuss this product, you have to understand how the paintball guns work. It needs either CO2 or compressed air in order to work. It makes use of tank used to propel paintballs.

Should you start investing on a paintball compressor?

The most common reason why you want to invest on a paintball compressor is the fact that you can fill the tank yourself. This means that in the long run, you are going to save a lot of money. Though you might have to come up with $1,000 upfront payment for the paintball compressor, you can even turn it into a small business with friends. What it promotes is self-sufficiency on the part of players doing paintball.

Things that you will need to have to become self-sufficient

In order to become self-sufficient in your hobby, you will need a couple of things with you. For instance, you will need to have high-pressure paintball compressor together with a number of tanks.

It works by using the air from the outside and compress it to 4,500 psi. It is imperative though that everything else that you invest on is rated for this particular pressure. Unfortunately, this can get expensive. However, you need to be looking at the possible returns after continuously using the device.

In order to fill the tanks, you will need to have a line going form the compressor to the storage cylinders. The fill station should have a pressure regulator and a pressure gauge all connected with the paintball tanks.

Mechanism of your typical paintball compressor

The paintball compressors make sue of very high pressure. This is the reason why the design of paintball compressors makes use of reciprocating piston. There are usually four cylinders that compress the air. As air passes to each piston, it compresses the air even more. It is possible that the compressor is electrically powered or via gasoline.

The paintball compressors that you see in the market have the same type of mechanism as the scuba diving compressors. The only difference between a scuba diving compressor and a paintball compressor is the absence of filter on the paintball compressors.

If you are looking to shop for the right paintball compressor, you need to make sure that you consider both maximum air flow and the pressure. For the pressure, make sure that it goes either 4500 psi or 5000 psi. As for the air flow, larger compressors with better airflow can fill up tanks faster. It is important to decide how you are planning to use the compressor. If the compressor is going to be used for commercial purpose, it is important to have a decent airflow in order to fill up tanks fast. On the other hand, if you are simply using it for your own consumption, you can simply stick to the smaller ones to save some money.


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