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Should You Try a Zombie Paintball Mask?

Ever tried playing paintball? The last thing you want is for a paintball to hit your face without any protection. Paintball mask should offer you enough protecting the game. Unfortunately, a lot of people forget the fact that you should be a bit particular about choosing the right kind of paintball mask.

Over the years, a lot of options can be seen in the market. As rule of thumb, your paintball mask should offer protection. However, keep in mind that it shouldn’t be just protection that it is offering. It should also offer performance when playing paintball with buddies.

For instance, you want to make sure that the paintball mask has been field tested by experts. It needs to pass in the eyes of the pros before you even consider getting one. However today, aesthetics is also becoming just as important as functionality. You can now have the zombie paintball mask that can keep the game entirely exciting.

Why go for the zombie paintball mask?

The zombie paintball mask is a great way to make the game a bit more exciting. Can you imagine wearing it with other teammates? It is a great way to see humans battle it out against zombies.

There are a lot of zombie paintball masks in the market today that are just as good, if not, better than the conventional ones. For instance, a lot of these zombie paintball masks have been tested in the actual field. A lot of these products have been modified several times before the final form that you see in the market.

Also, achieving a realistic zombie look on the mask isn’t easy. It requires precision and art. It is a blend of both functionality and creativity. In fact, some of these zombie paintball masks can even pass as a costume for Halloween.

Impact tested

It is important to always check if the zombie paintball mask has been impact tested. It simply means that it has been evaluated how much it can lessen the impact in case you get hit in the face. And a good product can minimize the effect of the paintball.

Also, a lot of these masks should be re-usable. This makes sure that you get the best bang for your buck. Who would want a mask that you only use once or twice?

Is it breathable?

A lot of times, makers of zombie paintball masks are so focused on the features that they forget about the breathability of the mask. It is important that comfort is still achieved while the person playing paintball is having fun.


You also want to make sure that the mask is not going to impede your performance. Does it offer unobstructed view of your surroundings? Or perhaps, the design is blocking your view?

Playing paintball can be fun. These days, there are a number of superb deals that you can find when it comes to paintball equipment. But one of the things that stood out over the years is the paintball zombie mask. Not only does it make a good zombie apocalypse theme for your game, it can also be a good product that can offer protection on your face.