Are you serious about playing paintball these days? If you are serious about this hobby, it is time that you learn more about the other important things that you should have in your paintball gear arsenal. When buying a paintball gun, it is important that you also think of the right paintball tank. Without the right paintball tanks, your paintball isn’t really going anywhere. It won’t be a projectile that hits your target.

The good news is that you have a lot of options in the market. For a beginner though, it can be a bit daunting. What makes the right paintball tank? Here are some things that you should consider.

CO2 or Compressed Air?

There are two types of paintball tanks. First, you have the expensive CO2 paintball tanks. These paintball tanks are easier to refill in most sports stores. However, let’s admit that CO2 isn’t also the perfect option. Aside from its price, you also have to take into consideration the fact that CO2 can freeze the O-ring of the paintball markers when blasted in high rate.

If you are also going to play during the winter, it is also a good idea that you stick to compressed air. This doesn’t cool your paintball marker as how CO2 could. However, if you are playing during the hot summer days, the season most common time for people to play paintball, it is a good idea to go for CO2 paintball tanks. It can easily increase in performance and even increase the impact of hitting your opponents.


If you are going to invest in a tank, make sure that you also look at the capacity of the tank. If you are going to invest in a tank that has around 4500 psi capacity, this is the most ideal set up. You should also take into consideration the number of shots that tanks with different capacities can provide you.

Durability of the tank

The durability of the tank is also a consideration for any paintball enthusiast. Try to scrutinize the material used on your paintball tank. Steel and carbon fiber are among the most popular materials that you can go for. Carbon fiber is the most preferred material for high capacity tanks. In fact, due to its overall durability, carbon fiber is more expensive than those made of steel.


You also need to consider the price of your paintball tanks. There are some paintball tanks that cost as low as $100. However, make sure that you are going to compare the prices with the other brands. Make sure that you also do your own research. What do reviews say about the product that you are interested in? Make sure that you consider all these factors first. This way, you don’t commit the mistake of buying a product simply based on its price.

There are a lot of paintball tanks available in the market. Finding the right one is a matter of looking at all these factors that we’ve mentioned. Keep in mind that each paintball enthusiast may have a different preference when it comes to its paintball tank.


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