I felt aggrieved as I had not done much at all. “You don’t understand pacing”, the ME Association adviser Charles Shepherd told me. He explained that this “post exertional symptom exacerbation” is a good signal for people with the chronic fatigue syndrome/ME.

7. Muse Nissim de Camondo Set in the iconic Parc Monceau, this museum is the preserved mansion of the wealthy de Camondo family. There you can see their collection of French eighteenth century furniture and artifacts and learn about the tragic end to the family.

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1387 Dormice fried in honey, lampreys fattened on the blood of slaves, songbirds dressed with their own droppings, testicles seethed with rotted fish blood: the diet of a fading empire should at least display an interesting decadence. Alas, the dying days of imperial America may only be remembered for fizzy drinks sweetened with corn syrup. This NEJM contains five large helpings, which seems about the daily average for an American youth.

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