If you have an Apec water filter system in your home, you might be wondering how often you should be replacing the filters. The reverse osmosis systems that Apec offers will generally have 5 stages which require different filters. Each of these stages will have different lifespans for the filters and you should consider this. The manual that comes with the system should also have information about the replacement schedule of the filters for your system.

Stage One To Three Filters

The first 3 stages of the water filtration system will have the same replacement schedule. These filters should be replaced every year, but you might have to replace them sooner depending on the level of usage of your system. Additionally, the type of water that you have and the source will also play a role in the replacement of these filters.

If you have a private well as your water source, you may have to replace these filters more often or contact us. This is due to the fact that this water will have more sediments and particles than normal tap water. Areas with hard water may also cause these filters to run out faster.

Stage 4 Filters

The fourth stage of the filtration in these systems will be the reverse osmosis membrane. This membrane will need to be replaced at a different rate depending on the type of water you have and where your home is located. When you replace these membranes, it is important that you replace them with the same micron size or the system will not work correctly.

If you live in the city and have water from the city water supply, you will need to look at replacing this filter every 3 to 5 years. The water quality, usage, and maintenance of the first 3 stages filters will also impact the life of the membrane. Poor water quality and filter maintenance will force you to replace the membrane sooner.

If you have a private well for your water, you will need to replace the membrane filter more often. It is recommended that people with this water source replace the filter every 2 to 3 years. Again, the water quality and filter maintenance will play a role in this lifespan.

Stage 5 Filter

The coconut shell carbon filter of stage 5 will need to be replaced at the same rate as your reverse osmosis membrane. It is unlikely that you will need to replace this filter before the membrane or at a faster rate. It is recommended that this filter is always replaced when you replace the membrane filter.

Knowing When To Replace The Filters

There are some Ape cater filters that will have an indicator which tells you that you should be replacing the filter. However, if you have a system that does not have this indicator, you will need to test the rejection rate of the water or check apec water filter system reviews. When the rejection rate reaches 80 to 90%, you will need to look at replacing your filters.


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