Playing paintball over the years evolved. A lot of people today are using different types of paintball items ranging from paintball automatic guns to paintball guns that are operated electronically. Given all of these changes to the sport, products such as paintball grenades are becoming popular. What can you expect from paintball grenades?


A lot of paintball grenades were designed to look like grenades. They operate the same way real grenades are going to operate. Only difference is that they contain paint instead of explosives and shrapnel. In addition to this, you also get the feel of using a real life grenade because of its weight and size.

Enough amount of paint

The typical paintball grenade usually has around 10ounces of paint. What it does is swirls once you’ve pulled the pin. What makes this item effective is the fact that it has a 30 foot radius. There are also brands that made their product reliable especially when it comes to the detonation.

Can you really take someone out? This is the most common question asked by many enthusiasts. In reality, yes it can come in handy during a game. Some even contains as much as 40 paintballs per grenade.

Advantages during the game

What are the advantages of using this? If you are going to shoot someone with your paintball gun, you will have to get yourself exposed before shooting. If you are facing a number of opponents all at once, a good way to neutralize the situation is by using a paintball grenade. What it does is swirl the paint on your opponents as long as they are within the 30 feet radius. You can use it as a distraction in order to move away and change your location, or even take some of your opponents out. In fact, you can even throw it over a barricade. This renders your opponent’s cover useless.

The future is bright for paintball grenades

A lot of people are now using paintball grenades. Though it isn’t as reliable as your paintball gun, it can be a great addition to your gear. Since the 80s, the use of paintball grenades has reached an all-time high.

Things you need to remember

There are a lot of things that you should remember if you are going to use paintball grenades. For instance, you need to master the art of throwing your grenades. Make sure that you practice your throw in order to adjust how strong or how gentle each throw is going to be.

Next, you also want to make sure that you shout “grenade coming” if you are going to throw your paintball grenade. This will notify both your opponent and your teammates of what you are doing.

Also, you need to make sure that the paintball grenade is going to be kept in a dry place. Even the slightest moisture can stop your grenade from firing effectively.

If you are a paintball aficionado, it is always a smart idea that you invest on the right gear. And in reality, it is always a good idea that you turn to paintball grenades to compliment your strategies during the game.


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