Paintball markers, otherwise known as paintball guns, are the main equipment used for the game of paintball. Over the years, designs of these items have evolved. Today, the speed of the projectile is at 300 feet per second. Though designers could still make these guns fire faster paintballs, it has been deemed unsafe to do so.

There are different paintball marker types that you should be familiar with if you are beginning to enjoy paintball as a hobby.

Bolt action paintball markers

The most primitive version of the paintball markers is the mechanically operated bolt action paintball guns. It simply means that you will manually reset per shot. It is the oldest type of paintball marker around. It has become close to obsolete.


Similar to AK47, semi-automatic paintball marker reset the firing between each shot. This makes it a bit faster than your usual bolt action paintball gun. Over the years, different mechanisms were designed for the semi-automatic paintball guns from Blow Forward to Pneumatic Operated.

Electro-pneumatic operated

This is the most advanced type of paintball marker. For instance, instead of the trigger attached mechanically, the electro-pneumatic versions activate the electronic micro switch. It then sends a signal that triggers a number of pressure chambers that make the paintball gun fire its paintball.

There are several advantages to this version that can’t be seen in the older versions. For instance, you can control the rate at which you want your paintball gun to fire. You can simply go crazy on how many paintballs you want to fire to your opponents per minute.

Overall design

The external construction of the paintball marker can play a major role how your paintball is going to function. If you will notice the more expensive and more ergonomic versions, the trigger frame tends to be towards the center. This gives way to the HPA tank in a more suitable spot. This allows the paintball gun to function without any problem and without any need for modifications.

For the cheaper versions, though you can achieve a similar effect via modification, keep in mind that you will still have to spend some money on it.

Which one should you choose?

It is always a basic question. A lot of times, given the number of options in the market, we find ourselves a bit too overwhelmed by the possible options that we can make. In reality, you can always keep things simple. You can go for items that are durable and could meet your overall preference as a paintball hobbyist.

Other than the practicality, you should also check the reviews. What do other people say about the products that you are looking to purchase? For instance, why should you be buying expensive electro-pneumatic versions when you can settle on a mechanically operated paintball marker? If you are simply doing one or two sessions per month, it is a good option to settle on lower priced options.

You also want to consider your budget. Once you narrowed down your options, consider the reviews, features, and the functionality of the items that you see online and on your local sports good store.


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