Playing paintball is a fun activity. You get the chance to play war games with friends and family. And the good thing about this sport is that you get to develop your camaraderie and teamwork. Often times, people who excel in these games are actually physically fit and are good in communications and in building game plans. Unfortunately, though it is a fun game, you still have to anticipate some paintball bruises. This is something that you will encounter once you enter the field.

A lot of paintball guns today are sophisticated in a way that they can fire rapidly and can even hit accurately. There are semiautomatics to rapid paintball guns. Could you imagine getting away with bruises on paintball guns that can fire 15 paintball pellets per second? Here are some tips on how you can minimize the paintball bruises.

Wear the right equipment

The safety equipment were designed for a reason. It was designed to keep your skin from injuries and other painful scenarios while playing the game. For instance, you have the paintball masks that protect different parts of the face including your eyes.

Ice compress

So what if you end up getting hit by these paintballs? Immediately, you want to treat it as if it is a bump. Make sure that you apply cold compress on the area. This will give you an immediate relief. However, make sure that there is no abrasion on the part of the area where the paintball hit.

If there is a wound, make sure that you address the wound first. Clean it to avoid getting infections. Then, you can start applying a clean icepack in the area to minimize the pain and the swelling on the next day.

Warm compress

Once the first 24 hours is over, it is time that you go for warm compress. This can help the swelling to subside better than cold compress. Make sure that you don’t use towel that is too hot. This can potentially hurt and even burn your skin. Do warm compress intermittently to get the maximum result.

Cover the wound

If there is a wound, you need to make sure that you cover it. You have to use gauze in order to ensure that the wound is not going to be infected in any way. Also, you can apply creams that can help minimize the presence of bacteria in the wound.

If you ever find yourself in a scenario wherein you get hit by a paintball and you notice that there is already some type of bruising on your skin, this is completely normal. The paintball guns have been designed non-lethal. Also, it is important that you don’t panic. You can do all of the things that we’ve mentioned and you will notice a huge difference in your skin after a few days. Just how many days do you have to wait in order to get rid of the bruising? It really depends on the person and the severity of the bruise. There are some bruises that can last for a week or two.


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