Originally created by Minh “Gooseman” Le and Jess “Cliffe” Cliffe, Counterstrike was a modification for the original Half Life, bringing an entirely new mode to the game. Instead of fighting aliens and a private military organization, players would be pitted against either terrorists or anti-terrorists in a fast paced arena match unlike any FPS at the time. Unlike games such as Unreal Tournament, players had to be very careful during their matches and mind their surroundings, as being taken down would result in them being incapacitated for the rest of the round. This would be a detriment to their team regardless of what mode they were playing in. While it started as a mod, the rights to the game were quickly acquired by Valve Corporation in 2000, and it was turned into a proper game, complete with a physical release. While CounterStrike has been put through many iterations over the last decade and a half, we’re now on CounterStrike: Global Offensive, which is arguably the best of the series.

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What is Global Offensive?

Global Offensive brings many of the same maps and modes that you’ve known and loved for years, along with some new ones. Below is a quick list of the game modes available in CSGO:

Base Game Modes:

• Arsenal (Demolition �” Arms Race)
• Casual/Competitive (Hostage Rescue �” Bomb Defusal)
• Deathmatch
Mission Game Modes
• Guardian
Co-op Strike
Hydra Event Game Modes
• War Games
• Weapons Expert
• Wingman

Operation Hydra

To boost player participation and to break up the monotony, CSGO often releases operations, with the current being Operation Hydra, which was released on May 23, 2017. Hydra bring six new community created maps, along with the Hydra Missions that we listed above. Admittance into Operation Hydra costs $5.99 and will end in September 2017. The maps included in Hydra are available to players on official servers, for free.

CSGO is an outstanding mixture of old and new, bringing a new generation into the CounterStrike arena to fight off the terrorist threat �” or to advance it.

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