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Scott Keever was born and raised in North Carolina, but that didn’t keep him from traveling the world. Being a digital nomad means operating from anywhere on earth. Being able to work from anywhere in the world allows great flexibility when it comes to your home address. Having to change your address so frequently can be a massive hassle and frequently make it difficult for your friends and loved ones to find you.

We decided to ask Scott what is like to be a digital nomad And he gave us the scoop on both the good, the bad, and ideas on how to stay connected to the rest of the planet.

Perks of being a Digital Nomad

Adaptive hours

I am A complete time stay at home dad and I want the flexibility to operate at odd hours. There’s no way I could be the daddy I am currently while holding down a regular 9-5 job. I did that when our kid was a baby and we didn’t like it. Life was overly showy and our kid was spending nearly 50 hours/week with strangers. I could be a father and operate once the child is asleep or if Mrs. RB40 is home from her job.

Avoiding Traffic

I Hate traffic jams using a passion. Doesn’t everybody? I spent 1-2 hours commuting each day when I had been working full time. It is just a terrible way to spend your precious and limited time on earth. We may see the freeway from our condo and I’m thankful every day that I do not need to be stuck in that temper-inducing mess.

Adaptive holiday

One We’re beginning to travel again because our child is nearly 3 years old. I am likely to travel more next year and it is great to do it without having to coordinate schedules with other coworkers. I can wait for a fantastic deal on air fares and do not have to worry about any conflicts because I could work from anywhere. In a few years, we will have the ability to visit Thailand for a few months without breaking stride with blogging.

2020 – Use modern entertainment online

OK guys, get ready for something brand new here. It’s 2020 already and we know that being digital nomad is cool. Let’s focus on video content because the year started unexpectedly good – with premiere of Bratty Sisters where lucky dudes are having time of their lives with family members. Nubiles brings us another winning formula for funny adult entertainment videos. Hands down! All that available at official BrattySis tube.

Pick your office address

Another Thing I did not like about my previous job was that the cubicle. The gray wall was really depressing and it just ground me down.

Disadvantages of Always Changing Your Location


Being a digital nomad Is about packing your whole life in a backpack and Move out to your next destination. However, not everything is packable. Having someone to journey with you is rather difficult. Even other digital nomads you meet on the way have their own itineraries, moving at their own pace. Also, every time you travel, you reside life there. Individuals with a settled lifestyle find it easier to own companions. Before packing your own life on your back pack, consider the fact that you risk losing everything you have assembled during your stay over and over again.

You Get Left Behind As Life Moves On

The best aspect of living that the 9-5 job is the stability it provides. Such Men and Women Get to proceed as the days pass. They get families; they establish almost permanent relationships or attachments and get to appreciate having friends and relatives around them. When you put out as a digital nomad, maybe you should bid farewell to the home celebrations, birthdays, road trips, and also the business of your loved your ones. The ones you left behind proceed without you, leaving you behind.

So how does Scott Keever alter his address so frequently Without missing any important email?

A Temporary Change of Address service avenues mail from your Present address to a new location for a short period. In this time period, in case you decide to utilize your new mailing address for the very long run, you must manually update senders as you see mail with a yellowish forwarding tag series.

Permanent Postal Address

Not intending on staying in 1 place for a while or do not Want the hassle of numerous change of address types? Relax. Once you establish a mailbox with a digital email firm, it is yours. Important mail will always be delivered to your permanent address,regardless of where your plans require you.

Online Mail Services

Don’t Be Concerned about time zones, plane schedules or irregular Wi-Fi; Virtual Mail services has all the choices you need to effectively manage Your mail on your schedule, wherever you are.


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