Your social security number is one of the most sensitive forms of identification that is assigned to you. Your social security number is linked to your credit, taxes and ability to gain employment. If this information gets in the wrong hands it can lead to a great deal of financial harm and even possibly legal trouble. This is why it is so important to properly care for documents that have social security number on them.

Social Security Number On Document

One of the most common places that we include our social security number on a document is job applications. While it actually is not necessary for you to do so it is typically common practice. In all reality you do have the option to withhold it until you are given a bona fide offer, but many people are not aware of that and provide it. Legally the employer that requests such information is responsible for ensuring that it is not improperly used, it may not be a risk that you want to take.

If you do provide your social security number on any type of application and choose to make a copy for yourself it is important to be sure that you put such documents in a safe place that others do not have access to. Ideally you should store documents that contain this number in a locked drawer or box. For example, if you do not have the ability to lock your drawer at work, or if others have access to it, you definitely do not want to leave anything containing your social security number there.

Another very common place that your social security number is present is on your tax documents. These should also be stored in a safe place to ensure that no one gets their hands on your personal information. Not only is your social security sensitive information, but what you make each year and the type of investments that you hold are sensitive as well.

Things In Your Priority List

It is important to be mindful of anything that you have that contains your social security number. Not only when it comes to documents that you possess, but anything that you do online as well. Be sure that anytime to provide a company with this information that they have a secure website and that you are using a secure network. One of the easiest ways for criminals to steal your identity is by gaining this information. You should make it a major priority in your life to always be mindful of where you have this information and who you share it with so you do not become their latest victim.

It is important to take special care of documents that contain your social security number. Not doing so can lead to a wide range of financial problems and even legal issues. As long as you take great care to not leave these documents where someone else can access them you will not likely suffer from this kind of identity theft. To get more info on SS card, visit online.


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