If you are planning to play some paintball, it is a good idea that you turn to the right equipment. The right gear should always remain a priority to you. Could you imagine dealing with unnecessary injuries because you don’t have the right equipment to protect your skin? According to experts, the paintball as a projectile can fire at a velocity of 300 feet per second. And though it is safe, it can still sting.

One of the most important gears that you should always consider is the paintball mask. There are different paintball masks in the market today which can be a bit confusing to people who just began playing this hobby. Here are some things you should know when getting one.

Paintball mask lens

When playing on the field, you don’t want anything that obstructs your vision. Unfortunately, you will need to wear a mask that protects the eyes. However, there are those paintball masks designed to limit your peripheral vision. This can play a huge role especially when scanning your surroundings.

A lot of high-end paintball masks even make use of products that have UV lens. This even adds protection to your eyes as you play on a sunny day.


Comfort is also important especially if you are going to take into account the number of hours that you are going to play under the heat of the sun. Not to mention, it requires you to run and hide and get dirty when you play with your friends. It is important that the mask has the proper foam to cushion your face. Next, it is imperative that the paintball mask has enough ventilation.


A lot of masks can be customized these days. Keep in mind that different players will have different preferences when it comes to their paintball masks. Those higher priced products that allow customization can be a good option especially if you are still not sure what you really want to have in a mask.


Next, it is important that any product about paintball is durable. Keep in mind that this sport involves playing rough outdoors. It is important to be able to tolerate impact.

Size and overall design

In addition to comfort, the size and the overall design should also be considered by any paintball enthusiast. Could you imagine having the wrong design of paintball mask on your face for hours? Try to read the reviews to see if it is a bit too big or it has the tendency to be too small for other users. And of course, it should offer a design that offers adequate protection to parts of your face.

If you are going to invest on gear especially a paintball mask, make sure that you are aware of the flaws and the good things that you can expect from each product. Paintball masks have different characteristics that hobbyists love. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t go for items impulsively.

A good paintball mask can be used as a long-term investment. It can last for years and can keep your face secured from the impact of paintball.


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