English bulldogs are so cute, and they are a very popular breed. They are also an expensive breed to buy, but an English bulldog is such a great pet. They make great family dogs, and they are so lovable and cute. What do you need to know when it comes to caring for an English bulldog?

Full Grown Bull Dogs

English bulldogs have skin folds because they are cute wrinkle puppies. The folds are more pronounced on a full-grown bulldog, and of course there are also more of them. They are cute and part of a bulldog’s character. What you need to know, however, is that it’s a good idea to have antifungal wipes and to use them to wipe underneath the folds on an English bulldog occasionally.

All Dogs Need A Bath

Your dog needs a bath at least twice annually, too, and sometimes more often depending on the situation. Is your English bulldog going to be an inside dog? Also, when it comes to the antifungal wipes, you want to give your dog a treat prior to using the wipes and also once you are done.

When it comes to feeding your bulldog, understand that puppies eat less calories but eat more frequently. It is a good idea to feed your puppy four times daily but of course the appropriate amount of food. If you have an adult bulldog, you need to feed him or her twice daily. An adult bulldog needs anywhere from 1100 to 1300 calories, and that depends on how much action your bulldog gets.

Bulldogs can be lazy, and they also do like to play and cuddle. They also like to drool. They are some of the cutest dogs out there. Now you know more about caring for an English bulldog as you prepare to get one and bring the new member of the family home. To know more click here at http://www.thebulldogbreeder.com | english bull dogs


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