If you love the CS GO game, then a case forum dedicated specifically to it is a great place to hang out when you’re not actually playing the game. While the center focus might be on the in-game cases, the game itself will still be a topic of interest to anyone on the board. You’ll start by learning about the many case options and skins available, which is good, because you can find ones you want as well as how to buy and apply them or unlock them in the game.

cogs case

Find Friends

Another great thing you can do is find friends to play the game with. You possibly already have a few real-life friends you can play with occasionally, and there might be some friends you made along the way playing the game online. However, it helps to find others off the game and see when they play. You might be able to buddy up with them and form squads or teams that have higher chances of winning.

Use Forum to Find Players

This is especially true if you find players on the forum that have similarities with you. For instance, it helps if everyone speaks the same language. Having players also in your time zone is helpful too, so sleep and work schedules line up with playing time. Also, if you can find players that share your philosophies, thinking, tactics, and game styles, then teams you form can really come together.

What’s best is when you find players that love the same maps, formats, and game variants that you do. If their sense of humor is like yours, that’s even better, since witty banter can add an unexpected element to the fun and excitement that happens within the battles of this game.

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